Inside the mind of h6ted

From producing to modeling Broward County creative h6ted is making a name for himself. We spoke with him about is production goals and his work flow. Check out our conversation below !

What are your goals as a producer ?

h6ted: As a producer, I plan to have at least 3 number one billboard records by the time I’m 21.

Who are you looking to work with as a producer ?

h6ted: As of right now, I’m looking to work with Summrs & Twinuzis (autumn), Lil Tracy, Valee, Comethazine, and Blackbear.

Whats your work flow like ?

h6ted: Usually when I make a beat I’ll open an FLP template that I made and work from the drums set in there while looking for loops/samples or drawing up melodies. If I start from scratch I find a fwea sound then its all uphill from there.

You model too, what got you into that ?

h6ted: I love modeling, I really just now started getting deeply into it and I’m glad I did. Shout out @tracylone, he really holds it down for me.

What inspires you as a creative ?

h6ted: New sounds, I just love hearing new beats, new songs, new bars and chart topping artists around my age (competition) especially. My creativity and hunger blend together for this sh*t !