Inside The Mind Of Keifer Moon

We recently spoke with musician Keifer Moon about his inspirations and more. Read our conversation below !

What inspires you as an artist ?

Keifer Moon: I’ve just always had a love for music and art my whole life. I’ve always used art as an emotional outlet and an escape from life. The fact that people can relate to my art like I’ve related to so many other artists pushes me even harder now.

What music are you currently listening to ?

Keifer Moon: I’ve been listening to ilovemakonnen, Lil tracy, capoxxo, chxpo, and bladee every day lately. A lot of songs with wavy beats and emotional lyrics.

Where do you see yourself in one year ?

Keifer Moon: Still in my bedroom pouring my heart into my music. I know that in a year my music will reach a lot more people, and I just hope to create the best art that I can for them. Hopefully, I’ll be playing more shows and will have more opportunities to connect with everybody to.

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