Inside The Mind Of SIOUX

We recently spoke with Artist / Producer Sioux aka Siouyari about his inspirations and more. Check it out below !

What is the origin of the name Sioux ?

Sioux: The origin of “Sioux” came from me sitting in English class in 8th grade but at the time I wasn’t making music. I just thought it was a cool ass name cause I fucked with how it was spelled so I ran with it. Recently I made another name that goes by “Siouyari” which is a combination of the name Sioux and the japanese blade called “Yari”

As a producer what artists are you looking to get placements with ?

Sioux: At this point I don’t really make beats for specific artists, I mostly just use em myself but I don’t really care to get placements with bigger artists, If I do i’m not complaining.

What inspires you as a creative ?

Sioux: What inspires me as a creative is walking up everyday and being able to make something new and show it to the world, even tho many people won’t see it. It’s still cool to be able to make art and call it your own. People like to downplay artists but it’s one of the hardest things you could ever be.

Where do you see yourself in one year?

Sioux: I can’t predict what will happen to me in a year, I can only make things happen with my own self will, but I’m putting good energy out and manifesting a lot to achieve these goals I’ve been wanting to attain for a long time, but only time will tell.